Fibre optic cables have transformed our ability to communicate. Data and voice communications are transmitted using light, rather than electrical signals. Switching to fibre optics will give you an ultra-fast, highly stable connection, with none of the limitations associated with copper cables.

Simplistic Communications are specialists in fibre optic networks. Based in Durban and Cape Town, we cover the whole of Southern Africa. We can design and install a system that will revolutionise your operation; speeding-up processes and giving you more functionality.

We are certified to carry out all types of installs including singlemode (SM), multimode (MM) and blown-fibre, using the state-of-the-art equipment.


Multimode is designed to carry multiple signals simultaneously. It is used for transmissions over relatively short distances. The OM values (optical multi-mode) are ISO standards to indicate transmission performance, 4 being the most advanced.


Singlemode cabling transmits a single ray of light. This signal has higher band-width capabilities and is preferable in longer distance applications. Optical single-mode (OS) refers to the international classification.

The type of cabling will depend on your individual requirements – call us on (031) 830 5299 to discuss your project.


Fast - Fibre optic cabling provides a far greater bandwidth. Cat 6a copper cable can handle band-width up to 600MHz. MM Fibre Optic cables are almost twice that at 1000MHz.

Future-proof - You can implement new technologies requiring greater bandwidth with ease, as they become available.

Discreet - Traditional cables have become bulkier to meet demands, whereas Optical Fibre cables are thinner and less-obtrusive. They are neater, take up less room and are easier to install.

More secure – Optical Fibre networks are more secure because no electrical signals are emitted. This is highly advantageous for organisations and institutions where security is an issue.

No data loss - Copper cables can only be used up to 100m. Whereas Fibre Optic cables can run for longer distances as data loss is minimal.

No interference – Fibre Optic cables are immune to electrical and radio frequency interference. This is because cables do not conduct electricity.

If you’d like to know more about how fibre optic cabling could benefit your organisation, call and speak to a professional on (031) 830 5299.