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A voice network is the wiring within a property that enables simple telecommunications. This includes land-line telephones, modems, or analog. It uses voice-grade wiring and jacks to connect lines to local communication systems. Cable is referred to as Category 3 which is the current industry standard, it can also be called Voice Multipair.


The cable categories listed are used for voice data, and can be used for ADSL:

Cat1 - The Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) no longer recognises this standard of cable.

Cat3 – An unshielded twisted pair cable, able to transmit up to 10mbps.

Cat5 – Created for Ethernet applications, faster transmission, with stronger signals for distant communications.

Cat3 and 5 are still used in many buildings. Category3 is often preferred as an economical alternative. Another advantage is it has a smaller diameter, therefore it’s discreet. Category5 cables can transmit a 100MHz signal, and newer Category 5e supports Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Companies with basic infrastructures depend on the aforementioned cabling as the backbone of their communications systems. However, none of these types are commonplace in new installs; VoIP systems run via Category 6 and fibre optic cables.


You may want to upgrade your current voice network. This can have many benefits; giving you fast comms and improved functionality. We are certified to design and install Cat 5e, 6, 6a and fibre optic systems.

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