Simplistic Communications provide services for the development, implementation and use of wireless networks in South Africa. If you’re looking to improve the way you communicate in your organisation, we offer bespoke solutions to suit your individual requirements.


Going wireless is not something you’d do to gain higher band-widths and should not be considered a substitute for structured networks. In terms of speed, reliability, security and cost, hard wired cabling is more advantageous.

On the other hand, structured cabling does have its disadvantages and limitations. Wireless systems are commonly used in the following circumstances:

  • It may not be viable, or economical to use cable.
  • The distance required is too great for cabling.
  • To provide temporary or portable work-stations.
  • When a building has reached capacity and there’s a need to create space and lose cables.
  • As backup in case of network failure.

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The main reason to incorporate wireless networking is for the flexibility it allows. A portable system can dramatically improve your working processes and procedures.


Distribution depots and warehouses benefit immensely from this technology. It allows operatives to scan and pick items electronically and inventories are immediately updated on the network.

There are many ways you can use wireless networks to improve communications in your organisation. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Employees can move around your building and connect wherever they are.
  • You can allow visitors and guests to use the system.
  • Temporary or new staff can get to work quickly with no fuss.
  • There’s easy connectivity for large sites with several buildings.

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